Camping Hacks for Around the Campfire

A camper is one of the most resourceful humans. As one would be referred to as street smart they can be best described as outdoor smarts. A camper is an individual who knowingly forgoes modern luxuries so at to go and explore mother nature. It is intriguing to see a folk tieing a glow stick to a tent zipper to be able to see in the dark.

We understand that being in the great outdoors one does not enjoy common amenities. So here is a few camping tricks and tips that can help out during this period.

Keeping the Bugs Away
Are you being eaten alive by bugs? The solution to this problem is quite simple. Equip yourself with some sage and anytime you are at the campfire toss some into the fire. As you know fire in itself is a deterrent, however, by adding a bit of sage your flame will possess the anti-bug superpower. Additionally, burnt sage brings a fresh and lovely scent.

Starter Campfire Hacks

Starting the campfire can be an exhaustive task, however, here are a few tricks that can make this process fun. Whenever you start a campfire ensure that you have all the three basic materials at hand. These materials include fuelwood, tinder and kindling. tinder goes first this includes wood shavings, dry grass and leaves. What follows is kindling whose main objective is to create the first flames until the campfire is firm. Kindling comprises branches and twigs. To have the fire going comes the fuelwood.

Camping Firewood Hacks

The key ingredient to any fire is firewood. Few tricks to stick by:

Dry firewood- When collecting firewood ensure that they are dry. The best way to know if ts dry try is breaking it. If it breaks it’s dry.

Exploit the wind -When lighting a fire always look at the wind direction and exploit it. You shouldn’t be facing the wind the lighting fire, this technique prevents the wind from killing the flame.

Bottom-up – whenever you are starting a fire it’s recommended to ignite the flame from the lowest point. Allowing the flame to use up all the tinder first.

We hope that these campfire hacks will ease up your next camping experience.